Harley Swift Deer Reagan- Helping People to Heal from Their Hearts

You never know when life can be tragic and you lose a loved one all of a sudden. The world suddenly stops and you feel confused, lost and alone. The loss can be because of a heartbreak or sudden death. It is hard for you to grieve alone and you desperately seek for a healer to help you forget the pain so that you can move on to normal life gradually.

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan- healing people from pain and suffering

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan was a man with extraordinary talent and charisma. Besides being a master in the field of martial arts, he was a compassionate healer, teacher and guide to millions of people across the world. The founder of the Deer Metis Medicine Tribe Society, he was a man with deep wisdom, compassion and knowledge. His healing ceremony and courses at the Lodge with his dedicated group of students are famous across the world. These students have managed to overcome pain and suffering when it comes to grief and depression. He has successfully been able to transform the lives of men and women who had no hopes to live. They had given up on life till he stepped in to heal them from the heart so that they start to live again in peace.

Connecting and reaching out to people across the world

The students of the Tribe ensure they stay connected with one another across the globe. They are always available on forums where they reach out to one another. The mission is to view and reply to posts to those that seek support, help, guidance and courage. The path of life is tough and may seem cruel at times. However, some mishaps and accidents can actually be a blessing in disguise and so when the student is ready the teacher appears to guide the student on the path of life.

Positive transform and renewed faith in life

Thanks to the members of the Tribe, people have been able to positively transform themselves. They have been able to discard the pangs of loneliness and connect with people across the world. They have become compassionate and reach out to those that have suffered and are suffering. In short, like their mentor and great teacher they have become healers in their own ways reaching out to thousands in need.

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan is responsible for planting the seeds of love, harmony and compassion in his students. He is still a guiding presence in their lives. His ideals and philosophy have been embraced by thousands of people in various corners of the world. The tribe claims the number of members is growing day by day. Training courses are organized on a regular basis so that members are inducted and they understand the tenets of how love, empathy and compassion has helped them to heal others from the heart. The Society believes in harmony and it never discriminates anyone on the basis of caste, creed or sex- in short everyone is welcome with love!

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