Brennan & Clark-Stop Collection Calls Immediately & Reduce Your Debts

Frequent collection calls are quite disturbing and irritating however if you do owe debts you cannot avoid them. They will continue to bother you till you decide to take steps to repay the loan you owe to the creditor. Even if the amount is huge, you can make an agreement with the creditor and make a collection agency stop calling you when it comes to the repayments of debt.

Brennan & Clark-make collection agencies stop calling you!

Brennan & Clark is a reliable and esteemed name in the field of debt collection and the experts here say you can put an end to collection calls by entering into a repayment agreement with the creditor. The terms and the conditions of the agreement will be mutually decided by both of you. This means you can pay back your debts and put a stop to the collection calls once and for all.

Debts are a burden however if you have taken them, you must repay them. However, there are times when you might not have taken the debts and you still are receiving collection calls. The collection agency will keep on calling you asking you to pay up. In such a case, you must receive the call and not avoid it. You should ask the collection agency for the details of the debt they claim you need to pay. Verify details like name and address. At times, collection agencies do make a mistake. They get information against a common name and start calling up. For instance, a name like Mary Smith is very common. Here the collection agency might make a mistake and start to call you up if your name is Mary Smith.

Seek legal intervention if necessary

In case, you do not owe the loan and it is a mistake, explain the matter to the collection agency or even write a letter to it after noting down its address and concerned person to address your letter to. The calls should stop in case there is a mistake. However, if the calls do persist you must consult a good lawyer in the field to help you put a stop to the collection calls by the agency. This will save you from getting a rip-off.

The experts from Brennan & Clark state that when it comes to collection calls, always verify the details whether you owe the loan or not. In this way, you will know that the call is genuine. There are times when some collection agencies go on to threaten you with legal consequences like putting you behind bars for non-payment of the amount. The professionals here say that non-payment of a debt is not a criminal offence with the exception of embezzlement or fraud. In case, you face any legal threats, immediately consult a lawyer. In this way, you can stop unscrupulous companies from calling and harassing you. If you do owe the debt, you cannot avoid it however you must pay it back as it is the right of the creditor to get his or her money back!

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