18 Karat Diamond Rings – A Timeless Jewellery For Anyone!

18 Karat Diamond Rings – A Timeless Jewellery For Anyone!

When there is a special or once in a lifetime occasion, a diamond gift becomes a need of the day. You cannot go away from gifting a beautiful diamond ring to the one who finds a special place in your life on this day. 

So, if such day is around and you seek an ideal gift to bring happiness on the face of your better-half, then visit the amazing online collection of Melorra where you can find 18 Karat Diamond Rings designed exclusively in unique styles with precious metals.

18 Karat Diamond Rings For Engagement –

There are many occasions where a diamond ring fits perfectly as a gift. But, when it comes to an engagement, the need of diamond rings becomes unavoidable. With a diamond ring, you can tell your would be life partner about your special feelings for her. As diamond is the most valuable stone from all, giving a diamond ring will tell your lady how special she is for you in your life.

When you start browsing an online jewellery store to select a timeless diamond ring for engagement, you will get caught up in endless choices instantly. Here, you can find it a little complicated to choose the most suitable from all. But, a perfect diamond ring for engagement is not that difficult to choose because most of these rings are designed with a single large diamond. There can be many other diamonds designed, but one diamond looks more noticeable and larger than others. Once you shortlist a perfect diamond ring for your engagement, next step is to determine the durability of the ring that is based on the metal used to it.

Metals Used In Diamond Rings –

To make a diamond ring, gold or platinum metal is widely used. As gold and platinum metals are strong enough, they can rightly hold the diamond and can make the ring durable enough to wear for ages. When the diamond ring designers start using gold or platinum for designing it, they first consider the karat of the metal. 18 karat gold is typically used to make diamond rings. On Melorra, you will see a surprising collection of 18 karat diamond rings that have flawless design and spectacular look.

Determining Diamond Quality –

Buying a diamond ring merely on basis of its look can prove a wrong purchase for buyers. So, when you want to buy the best diamond ring, you should pay attention to quality factors of the diamond. To determine diamond quality, there are certain parameters like A 1 karat diamond that is a quality standard for special rings like engagement ring. If you have low budget for a diamond ring, you should go with smaller or lower diamond quality. In addition, there is also an option for adding one more gemstone in the ring.

Save Money On Buying 18 Karat Diamond Rings Online –

There is a myth about diamond rings to be highly unaffordable and expensive. But, when you choose Online Jewellery Store like Melorra, you get amazing discounts and offers that help buyers saving money on diamond rings and other jewellery.


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