The Checklist for Buying Used Garbage Trucks

For a garbage hauler the most expensive and important equipment is their garbage truck. Most garbage collectors prefer buying used garbage trucks because of multiple advantages. Used trucks come for a fraction of the price of new trucks, and are instantly available; while new trucks have long waiting periods. If you too are looking for a garbage truck to start your own refuse collection company, or to add to your existing fleet, a used truck can bring home higher profits for you.

To find the most efficient garbage truck, make sure it completes the following checklist-
  1. Suits your preferences- Decide what type of refuse the new truck would be used to collect, so that you can find the most compatible truck for your needs.
  2. Budget- Always keep a budget in mind to find the most suitable truck for you.
  3. The engine- The engine is the most important part of any vehicle. When you see a truck, inspect its engine thoroughly. It is better if you take an expert mechanic with you for inspection. This way you would know whether the truck is a good investment or you would have to keep spending money on it every other month.
  4. Transmission- Whether you want a semi-automatic or manual transmission is completely your choice. It depends on who would be driving the truck.
  5. The body and tires- Walk all around the truck to check for any dents or rusting on the body. Check the tires for cracks and balding as well. The more carefully you check, the less you would have to spend later on sudden breakdowns.
  6. The frame and axle-Checking the frame for improper usage and maintenance is easy. The frame would be sagging downwards due to the weight of the garbage in the rear. Check the frame closely for corrosion and cracks also.
  7. The number of axles depends on the weight of waste the truck is supposed to carry. If you buy a multi-axle truck, you would be able to carry more garbage at once, reducing the number of rounds and thus saving on fuel.
  8. The cabin- Check the condition of the cabin and turn the truck on to see if all the lights and horn work. Take the truck for a test drive and see if there is something wrong with the steering, brakes or transmission. The safety of the drivers is most important. Never go for a truck with issues in driving just because the deal is good.
  9. The attachments- If the truck has arm or packer attached, check them for any wear and tear.
  10. The seller- If you choose to buy from a private seller, make sure all the documents of the truck are completely authentic. Though private sellers might offer used garbage trucks at lower prices, a dealership offers much more. Along with authentic buying and complete paperwork done, you get many extra services like free delivery, maintenance, parts etc.
With this checklist, you can get the ideal garbage truck for your needs. Always deal with authentic dealers when it comes to your trucks, maintenance and parts, to get the best service.

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