Exercise Does Translate Into Everyday Life

Exercise Does Translate Into Everyday Life

Exercise benefits extend well beyond physique enhancement, massive strength gains, and bulging muscles.

Everyday in life, people perform activities that exert certain motions and basic strength. Some individuals have issues performing this task simply because they are out of shape, or they injure themselves doing a task outside of the gym. This blog will cover how exercise can help us perform better at everyday task and avoid common injuries Asmeninis Treneris Kaune.

Who hasn’t made a trip to the grocery store, then once home grabbed as many bags of groceries for a grueling walk to put them away? Many individuals could experience struggle shoulder pain or low back pain trying to accomplish this task, especially if you're an individual who lives three floors up an apartment complex. How can this struggle or lost of breath be fixed? Let's take a look at the exercise called farmers walk. Farmers walk exercise includes carrying a heavy load of dumbbells or even use a hex bar with a heavy load, once you have this load you complete multiple sets of 100 yard reps before resting. In this exercise, the individual tightens their core, sticks the chest up tall, roll their shoulders back, and crushers their grip more than usual. Including this exercise overtime in your regimen can help improve posture, low back strength, and strengthen the core. From the physical adaptations, one can improve their ability of carrying any heavy loads for a distance. Besides groceries this can also be carrying textbooks to class, and luggage at the airport.

Let’s talk about moving! Packing boxes full of all the insides of your house, these become extremely heavy boxes! Picking them up and moving them around to the truck or through the new house can take a toll on the whole body. Thinking about the motion if performed in a well manner, looks like an exercise called the deadlift. Deadlifts usually performed using a barbell loaded with heavy weights. The lifter hinges their hips back, bends at the knee grasping the bar very closely to the body. Once in this position, the lifter lifts the bar with a specific form, lifting with the legs first and not the back, into a locked out position. When lifting the box, you should mimic the same look as a deadlift! Performed correctly you will lift with the legs, keeping stress out of the low back and protecting you from injuring the low back. Performing deadlifts is great for strengthening the overall body including glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, core, low back, upper back, and shoulders. Enhancement of strength from deadlifting will translate into better form of picking up boxes, and lowering the amount of stress moving will put on the body.

Single leg romanian deadlifts are another variation of deadlifts with a twist though. Performed on one leg using either a dumbbell or a kettlebell, the lifter starts in a standing position holding one weight in the hand; from that starting position the lifter slowly lowers the weight down to the foot one leg by hinging the hips backwards keeping the core tight and chest tall, while at the same time extending the other leg backwards which makes the lifter using one leg to maintain stability and challenges the lower body strength in order to return to the starting position using the core and strength of the planted leg. This is a great functional exercise that will translate into better balance and stability. Better balance and stability will help when you start to trip in fall, any stance that might require a single leg stance. Being able to maintain an upright stance, or lower chances of falling will help avoid injury when your balance is comprised from being hit or simply not watching your step.

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