Kick and Contraction goes Hand in Hand

Activities of a baby when present in the womb

A baby when he is growing that is when it is in the gestational phase they do a lot of activity. These activities, each and every one of them has a lot of significance to be defined. Now this activities give a lot pleasure to the mother carrying it as well as a lot of pain also. However this pain particularly symbolizes the status of motherhood. The beautiful fact that is defined by the birth of beautiful baby which has a lot of other significances also. Now this birth to a beautiful child comes with a lot of price like that the woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes. And these changes are very much specific to the fact that they are very much necessary for any woman to survive in this situation. It can be said that these changes makes a woman very much powerful in comparison to any other human in the planet. These changes are make a woman suffer in many ways. But these extreme sufferings goes off like a snap and changes in to an unbound source of happiness when she gets to see her baby for the first time and even before when she feels her baby for the first time inside her womb. This feeling is always very much special for a woman the she keeps in her mind for the entirety of her lifetime.

Baby kicks

Kicks are very much common that is seen in every pregnancy condition. When the body of the baby start growing and is on the verge of finishing the completion, these kicks starts getting more and more a common event. Each and every mother during their gestational phase feels the kick of their baby. This kicking of the baby starts at the time of about 24th to 26th week of the gestation. This kick’s has a lot of significance also. It establishes that a baby is in good growing condition and also being ready to be taken out that is delivery. Kick occurs as the body moves or tries to move in the womb itself. They cause a lot of pain for a sudden period of time however they are very much significant in another sense that they helps the woman to understand that her baby is in good shape and condition. As the time increases the rate of the kick also increases which dictates that the date of the delivery is coming very much closer. Baby kick monitor is done by each and every mother as it is sincerely prescribes by the doctor itself.

Abnormality in kick

If the baby does not undergo the phenomena of kick at a regular interval, it is said that it can come up with a lot of painful news like stillbirth, abnormal birth, pre-natal death, miscarriage and many more. Along with these there are a lot of other factors as well.


This kick and contraction goes hand in hand with almost simultaneous occurrence at the end of the time period of pregnancy. This contraction occurs due to secretion of contraction causing hormone that induces the uterus of the body to contract at the later stage of the gestation.

Timing contraction

Every woman should be aware to timing contractions, when to go to hospital etc. that they does not have to face the massive pain of labor for a long time.

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