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In this post we are going to discuss how you can apply for Australian Tourist Visa from India. Australia has always provided ample opportunities for people with potential. Your first step starts with getting enlisted in the Australian skill list. 

This list contains details of all the occupation provided by the Australian government. In order to apply for visa your skills need to match the one mentioned in the list. It makes the entire immigration process so smooth. You can also take the help of free assessment and see if you qualify for visa application.

Prerequisites for obtaining Visa

When you are applying for the visa, you will be given a point assessment category form where you are supposed to mention the best reasons for your immigration. This step is very important and without completing it you cannot proceed further. You will be given points for completing each specific criterion. A lot of things help you in getting these points like your previous work experience, your age, the job you are applying for and the language skills. If you have family or relatives who are already in Australia, then you will get extra credits for it. You can gain even more points if your work gets fully funded by the State government.

Assessment Process

You need to go through a skill assessment test after you have qualified to apply for the visa. This test is intended to test your skill level based on your post-secondary education status and previous job experience. Your assessment test is judged by different assessing bodies appointed specifically for each type of job. Optimistic results from assessment test will take you closer to the next step. Once you have qualified for the immigration, you will have to write your EOI or Expression of Interest. Your EOI determines your skill level.

Prepare your EOI

You have to properly read all the details when applying for Australian tourist visa for Indian citizens. You have to get yourself registered under the Australian Skill migration agenda by submitting your EOI. This makes you more open to receive invitation for visa application process. The time taken in getting your EOI approved can vary anywhere between 4 to 18 months. Yes, this one is a time taking process but you will be guided all along the application process. It is good to spend some time in understanding the method of application.

Variations to consider

There are different types of visa for different purposes. The most common one is the Skilled Independent Visa that most people apply for. Then comes the Skilled Nominated Visa and the third one is the Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Visa. The number of points you have got in skill assessment test will determine what type of visa you can apply for. You can take prior preparation for these tests and appear for the same in time to get qualified. You will enjoy a lot in Australia after you get your visa work done.

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